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About Nutrus


Nutrus, a healthcare arm of a pioneer of the biotech Industry, Sanzyme, who introduced the Probiotic in India half a century ago. Today, we are the world’s largest producer of Probiotic Bacillus coagulans.

With brand names such as Sporolac being made famous in India, we have been serving the nutritional needs of the country. It has been the aim of Nutrus to be accessible and affordable to the common man because nutrition is a need of every individual.

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About Sanzyme


Since 1969, an Indo-Japanese pharmaceutical venture by the name Uni-Sankyo has been serving the Indian sub-continent. In 2011, the company became a completely Indian entity and was rechristened as Sanzyme.

Sanzyme has kept the Japanese manufacturing ethics alive and added to it, the modern outlook of Indian research and development. We serve the healthcare industry with the help of 2 state of the art manufacturing plants and a completely self-sufficient R&D center. Our initiatives and researches are backed by the Ministry of science and technology.

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