• Nutrus Wheat Mix:75g
  • Wheat flour:25g
  • Luke warm water:35-40ml


    • Weight the 25g of wheat flaour and 75g of Nutrus wheat and take into bowl.
    • Add 35-40ml of luke warm water and knead it evenly.
    • Keep it aside by tightening the dough in plastic cover to allow smoothness.
    • Be sure that resting period should not exceed for 25-30min in order to get proper puffy and smooth pulka.
    • Divide the dough balls by roller and dry flour.
    • Flatten the dough balls by roller and dry flour.
    • Roast the flattened roti on the tawa for a minute and shift onto the pulka mesh.Let the pulka pluff evenly and uniformly.
    • Serve it hot.

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