Healthy Snack

Healthy Snack is commonly known as smaller amounts of food eaten between larger meals. Snacking on healthy, whole foods such as whole grains, fruit and vegetables has been shown to have a positive impact on weight, whereas persons who snack on processed foods between meals have an increased risk of obesity.

Vitamins & Supplements

A dietary supplement is a product that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet.Dietary supplements may be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, liquids, or powders. Some dietary supplements can help ensure that you get an adequate dietary intake of essential nutrients; others may help you reduce your risk of disease.


Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth, and potential through positive lifestyle behaviours and attitudes. Certain factors influence our state of wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, stress-coping methods, good relationships, and career success.


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Recent Recipes

Wheat Healthy Mix Laddu

Ingredients: Nutrus Wheat Mix:50g Jaggery:50g Ghee:10g Water:50ml Procedure:- Prepare jaggery syrup by taking 50g of jaggery and 50ml of water until it reachers single thread consistency. Slightly roast the wheat mix to develop pleasant flavor. Roast badam,cashews in ghee. Add roasted nuts and jaggery syrup into roasted flour. Mix all the ingredients gently. Apply ghee to the hands and mould into round shapes. Then sprinkle grated coconut upon the laddu.


Ingredients: Nutrus Wheat Mix:75g Wheat flour:25g Luke warm water:35-40ml Procedure:- Weight the 25g of wheat flaour and 75g of Nutrus wheat and take into bowl. Add 35-40ml of luke warm water and knead it evenly. Keep it aside by tightening the dough in plastic cover to allow smoothness. Be sure that resting period should not exceed for 25-30min in order to get proper puffy and smooth pulka. Divide the dough balls by roller and dry flour. Flatten the dough balls by roller and dry flour. Roast the flattened roti on [...]

Wheat Ragi Chapati

Ingredients: Nutrus wheat Mix:25g Nutrus Ragi Mix:25g Wheat flour(Normal):50g Salt Oil Procedure: Mix all the flour i.e. , Nutrus wheat (25g) Nutrus Ragi(25g),Wheat flour (Normal 50g). Add required amount of salt and water(75ml) into it and knead it to prepare chapati dough. Cover the dough tightly in a polythene cover. Keep aside for 30 min.(resting period should not be less than 25-30 min) Now make the small size round balls out of dough. Roll it on the table with roller into round shape. Mean while heat the pan/Tawa. Roast the chapati on tawa [...]

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